Learning music is Essential for your child

Music is an essential part of every child’s development. A great song can often light up their eyes, encourage them to move around and dance, and even help instill a sense of confidence. And it doesn’t end there. Studies have shown that music can help with language skills, develop fine motor skills and improve one’s overall IQ.

Music Groups



Our school is a solution for families who would like to expose their children to the world of music.



Our classes help to develop the skills necessary for music learning and a lifelong enjoyment of music.



We have programs for everyone. In addition to teaching music to children, we instruct adults and seniors.

Musical Instruments



It is a musical instrument played using a keyboard.


The guitar is classified as a string instrument.


Can play by striking with the hand or two sticks.


It is a type of music performed by one or more singers.

It is such a lovely place to be and the lessons are so interesting and fun. i love every second of being there and I know RBT will help me go a long way.

Abigail Hobbs / Student

Its wonderful to be treated with warmth. You really feel as if the staff are pleased to see you. The quality of the lessons is excellent, with teachers that can not only play, but actually teach as well! All of the shows have been wonderful, allowing the variety of students to express their creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

Renette Schwimmbacher / Parent

I have been very happy with RBT and my teacher Janice from day one. I feel no need to look elsewhere. Encouraging, down to earth, friendly vibe, with years of experience. Can't think of anything to change.

Natalie Frankel / Parent

The fact that the teachers are younger is really nice. I think it makes for a better teacher/student relationship.

Justin Williamson / Student

I was very impressed with the warm welcome I received, the quality of training as well as the vibe of the whole place (very up-lifting after a hard days work). Hands down, Mo(guitar teacher) is an amazing musician and superb teacher.”

Wayne Hovelmeire / Student


Ashleigh Burges

BA Mus Degree


BPrac Mus Honours

Yesh Naidoo

Diploma in Music

Janice Joseph

Diploma in Music